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A Detailed Guide to Condiments: From Ketchup to Wasabi

Putting aside the essentials such as sugar, spices, salt, and herbs, there are a few condiments we cannot imaging our lives without! Packed in either bottles tubes, jars, or dispensers, a condiment is used to enhance the flavor or complement a dish.

The condiment definition given by most sites explains it to be a flavor enhancing substance, such as salt that is added to improve the taste of a dish. The term is often used interchangeably with seasoning while some definitions include salt and pepper into the category of a condiment, describing them as basic condiments.

Types of Condiments:

These flavor enhancers have been further divided into three categories, each depending on how they are used with a dish.

Table condiments, or table sauces are usually served separately from the food which means they are not added directly to the dish to enhance its flavor. The diner adds it to his food himself, depending on the taste he prefers.

On the other hand, some condiments are added before serving. Take the example of a sandwich where sauces such as mustard, mayo, and ketchup are added before it is served to the diner. Such condiments are also available in single serving packets given to consumers with take out, or fast-food meals.

The third type is used while the dish is being prepared to add texture, as well as flavor to the food, for example barbecue sauce, soy sauce, compound butter, sour cream, etc.

Common Condiments Names

We have put together a list of the most famous and most delicious condiments in the world! Take a look at some of our favorite ones listed below:


Whether you prefer it drizzled over deep-fried chicken, served as a classic mayo dip for fries, or on Takoyaki, the creamy rich sauce is guaranteed to make any food finger licking good.

A spoonful of this condiment made from eggs, vinegar, lemon juice, has a calorie count of about 90.

Soy Sauce

If you think there is only one type of soy sauce you are terribly mistaken! The flavorful condiment made from fermented soybeans comes in several types.

You are highly likely to find three main types in a typical Chinese household all of which have variations in flavor and different uses.


Not only has it got the best name out of all the kinds of condiments, but it is also an excellent condiment, tase-wise.

The English anchovy paste is usually spread on bread, potatoes, and the spicy liquid is enjoyed in most of England, especially the northern English city of Sheffield.


The yellow condiment is gold without which a hotdog seems incomplete! It is an excellent condiment used to spice up meat of all kinds.

The English yellow mustard is unbeatable in terms of flavor, whether it’s Dijon, wholegrain, or sinus-clearing.

Wrapping Up:

If you cannot feel comfortable unless there are three types of vinegar and four soy sauces on your dinner table, then you have only one diagnosis: you are a condiment freak!


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