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Burgers and Wings Cooking Tips

Burgers are basically a type of sandwich made from one or two patties of meat sandwiched between sliced buns. What was now once an American meal has now become a global fast-food dish, with several variations in flavor through the addition of sauces, vegetables, and patties made with different spice mixes.

Do you want to make the best wings and burgers to impress your friends on the upcoming movie night? There are a few tips and tricks that can help you achieve the best results. Here are a few tips that can help you achieve the mouthwatering flavor:

Freshly Ground Beef: A Huge Flavor Booster

It is advised to avoid store bought ground beef because you can never be sure when it was ground. The freshness issues and tight shrink wrap packaging can result in leaden patties. If you are aiming for that fresh flavor, then you need to use freshly ground beef instead of store bought minced meat.

If you are purchasing beef from a trusted source, make sure you ask for meat with a fat content of 20%. If you are unable to find this, then purchase beef and grind it using a heavy-duty metal meat grinder. This might sound frightening nut once you grind your own meat, there is no going back.

Cool Everything Down

If you really want to achieve the big, juicy beef patty and greasy burgers then you must keep everything chilled. Heat is your mortal enemy because if fat is already sticking t your hands and work surfaces, then you will not taste it in the burger. In other words, it will not be as overpowering.

One tip is to make sure everything you are using to grind the meat remains cool. This includes the shafts of the metal grinder, the plates, the grinding shafts, and the meat itself.


Avoid Salting the Meat Until the Patty is formed

If you salt your beef before you form your patties you will end up with a sausage-like and springy texture. On the other hand, when you salt the beef once you have formed your patty, the result will be a moist and tender texture which is guaranteed to make your friends drool!

What is the best time to grill burgers? It is advised to grill them just minutes before you plan to grill them. Once the salt is added, it leeches out the moisture, and dissolves protein which has a negative impact on the exterior of the patty.

Flip your Burgers as much as you Desire!

Are you wondering how long to grill burgers? We are going to answer this question soon. Let’s discuss the correct way to grill patties first. Flipping your patty repeatedly ensures even and faster cooking. Ideally you should flip it 15 times. This will reduce the grilling time to make it 3 times less lengthy.

How long you cook burgers depends on the quantity of the meat you are using. It is also a good idea to use a thermometer while cooking the patties. Aim for130 degrees if you want your meat to be nice and tender.

These few tips are sure to impress your friends the next time you decide to grill burgers in your backyard!

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