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Give your dishes a perfect touch of spicy with chili oil

If you are a person that deeply enjoys spicy food and something the brings on the heat in dishes; then chili oil is best for you and your delicious experience. This condiment with its spicy tendencies is famous across china just how soy sauce is. It is used in many Chinese recipes like Szechuan chicken or chowmein. Chili oil doesn’t have any strict rules of use, it can be used as a cooking base or can be a spicy drizzle over your dishes to give it a touch of spice that you are looking for. Chili oil is packed with chilies and gives every bite a hot and spicy flavor.

Be it dumplings or hot rolls, chili oil brings out the best flavor of any dish. Hot chili oil has many uses and can be easily made at home.

How to make chili oil:

There are many complicated ways to make chili oil, which include layer of techniques and a lot of steps. However, it can also be a 3-4 ingredient recipe which will give you that hot punch taste for your dishes. This chili oil recipe can be easily used to make it at home and use it in your dishes to satisfy your spice taste buds.

All you need is a neutral oil we would prefer you choose vegetable oil as it has minimal taste which will not overpower your spices and would rather absorb its taste. Then you need at least 4 aromatic spices such as cinnamon stick, star anise, Sichuan peppercorns, bay leaves. You can also add black cardamom pods, garlic cloves and sand ginger. Then you need chili flakes.

First you need to heat the oil but it should not be so hot that it may burn the spices. After getting it to the right temperature you have to add all the spices except chili flakes and let it cook for 1 hour at least. After that place your chili flakes in a non burning pot and strain the hot oil into that pot. Let it cool down and it is ready to use. It is a perfect recipe to make the chili oil at home and you must give it a try.

Chili oil uses:

  • Chili oil can be used as a regular oil substitute. In a hot pan or wok, you can put chili oil to stir fry your vegetables, protein or noodles. It gives your dishes the perfect hot and spicy taste.
  • If you have ever noticed chili oil is mostly kept on table in the restaurants it is because of the fact that it can be used as a drizzle over your dishes or as a dipping sauce. The most popular dish that goes with chili oil as a dipping is dumplings.
  • Can be used in a many dishes, you can always drizzle it in your salads to make the flavor more interesting, you can add it on top of pizza as well.

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