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Breakfast burger

  • Prep Time
    15 mins
  • Cook Time
    5 mins
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Today I made some burgers for breakfast, just so you guys know I’m not a morning person at all :D. So the recipe should be quick and easy, that’s why here you have the easiest burger recipe you can find. It took only 20 mins to make these burgers, including frying the french fries.

I have bought some pre-cooked steamed chicken pieces and have been planning to make these in the breakfast but here in Pakistan, we don’t have that much variety of bread. But fortunately, I found some burgers and here you have burgers for the breakfast.


Ingredients for the Filling


That's how you make easy and quick burgers :) Enjoy!!

Step 1

Slice the tomatoes. For the cucumber, cut it into small pieces (2 inches) and then slice it longitudinally, as shown in the picture. Separate some lettuce leaves from the root and wash them thoroughly with the water.

Step 2

For breakfast burgers, I bought some steamed chicken from a grocery store, and use them instead of a beef patty.

Step 3

Layer your burgers with lettuce leaves, cucumber, steamed chicken pieces, tomato slices, and drizzle some tomato ketchup. You can also mayonnaise as per your liking, I don't like too much sauce in my burgers, that's why I didn't add it.


Hot french fries go pretty good with the burgers.

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