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    50 mins
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Khausey is a Burmese dish, which has been adopted by the Memon community of Pakistan and can be modified according to your taste. It requires lots of effort and hard work but in the end, you have a healthy and delicious meal to eat.

My sister-in-law cooks very delicious khausey and I always want to give it a try but unfortunately never get a chance to make it. But when I started foodrecipeslab, Khausey is one of the dishes to make and of course on top priority :). So I asked her for the recipe and tried it and Yay I got it right 🙂

Khausey, basically comprises 3 components, Karhi (made from gram flour and coconut milk), Chicken or Beef Masala, and Noodles.

Khausey karhi is the most complicated one to make and yet has all the taste in it. The Beef/Chicken masala give khausey the spicy touch and the condiments are the small touches that complete khausey.


Karhi Ingredients

Beef/Chicken Masala



Enjoy this heavenly delicious Burmese Khausey with your family and friends...

Step 1

In a blender, add yogurt, coconut milk, gram flour, garlic, green chilies, cumin seeds, turmeric, salt and blend it very well. Once they are completely blended, add them to a deep pot, add some water into your blender jug to clean, and add that too in the pot. Turn on the heat and keep mixing it till it boils. If the batter gets thickens and isn’t cook* yet then add some more water and keep it cooking. Let it cook for 20 to 30 mins and give it a stirring from time to time. *Taste the batter if you taste gram flour then it’s not cooked.

Step 2

In an instant pot add oil, then add onions saute the onions and add all the remaining ingredients of the beef masala, and half a cup of the water. As soon as the instant pot starts to whistle let it whistle for 5-8 mins, then turn off the heat. If you're using chicken then instead of instant pot you can use any other pot to cook your chicken. And you don't have to add any water to cook the chicken as it cooks in its water.

Step 3

Meanwhile, your beef and karhi are getting ready, cut all the condiments for the khausey and fry the garlic slices.

Step 4

When your beef is ready, boil your noodles according to the instructions written on the packet. Once they are ready, wash them with cold water and set them aside.

Step 5

Now gradually add karhi mixture into your noodle and mix them, they should look like as shown in the above picture.

Step 6

Now all your bits and pieces are ready, it’s time to assemble them. Take your dish and layer it with beef, then add the layer of noodles. If you have extra karhi, then you can pour some at the top (optional). Now sprinkle green chilies, coriander, fried garlic, and spicy chips (I used Wavy BBQ flavor, Masala Fries of Lays, and Slims potato crisps of the local brand).


Hope you enjoyed the dish, please leave any suggestions in a comment box.

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