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Mutton Roast Leg

  • Prep Time
    15 mints
  • Cook Time
    1 hr
  • Serving
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Reduce the recipe to half for half number of people.

Step 1

Take two whole mutton legs with some deep cuts in them so that marination does its job.

Step 2

Take a small bowl and add all the marinated ingredients and mix them very well.

Step 3

Now pour the marinate over the mutton legs. Use your hands to spread the marination all over the legs and especially deep into the cut. Marinate the legs overnight.

Step 4

Next day turn your oven to 180C and preheat it. Transfer marinated legs into the baking tray. Covered with aluminum foil. Now cover the baking tray with aluminum foil, so the meat cooks in the steam. Now cook the legs for approximately an hour. Check the meat from time to time. Once the meat is cooked and tender. Take it out and serve with some boiled rice, roasted potatoes and tomato chutney


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