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Spicy Coconut Chicken

  • Prep Time
    15 mints
  • Cook Time
    20 mints
  • Serving
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Enjoy this easy and tasty dish with a bowl of boiled rice



Follow the steps accordingly for the delicious meal.

Step 1

Cut big pieces into small ones as shown in the picture.

Step 2

Marinate your chicken with 4-5 tbsp of dipitt sauce for minimum 30 minutes

Step 3

In a wok, heat oil and add your marinated chicken. Let the one side of chicken get cooked until it starts to get brown and then change the side of the chicken. Once both sides are done add the remaining dipitt sauce. Give it a good mix and then add coconut milk. Let it cook for 10-15 mints.

Step 4

For extra kick of spiciness, slice your red chilies and add them in the curry.


Enjoy your spicy coconut chicken with some boiled rice.

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