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Spicy food flavors that are worth the burn

Spicy foods are liked by many, but the question is, how far can you take it? Who doesn’t like the fiery taste and hot burst of flavors in mouth when you chew on the chilies in your spicy and hot dishes? With spicy dishes there is no grey area, you are either obsessed with having hot and fiery flavor or you don’t like it at all but surely, they are worth a try. Here we are going to take you on a ride to the spiciest food and flavors all around the globe which are a must try to satisfy your spice craving. We must warn you these are not your average homemade spicy dishes; they are a dare for many people to even complete the half of the dish. If you plan to try them, make sure you have tasted chilies or flavors like Naga Viper or else they can drown you in your own tears. Beware the list spicy food items incoming!

World’s spiciest foods:

Hot warning: Please check for any allergies or problems that can be cause by these spices before you try anything from the list of spicy food given below to save yourself from any regret. 

Peru spicy Cau-Cau:

This dish is made by using yellow chili peppers which are produced locally. Its stew is made by tossing immense amount of these peppers in it. It is usually served with rice. Tripe is cut into fine stripes which are cooked separately first and then it is cooked with the yellow chilies and potatoes. It has loads of garlic and ginger which increases the zing of spic in the taste and then lastly mint or Herb Buena is sprinkled on the top of the dish. If you try this, you’ll be trying one of the spiciest stews, it is served extra hot to give you the perfect spicy punch.

America’s suicide chicken wings:

As the name suggests, these chicken wings can really be the death of you considering their spice level. People or hosts of different shows use these wings as a dare for different popular celebrities and these wings have legit made them cry or chug a whole glass of milk. Chicken wings is a popular dish among many people and countries, but these aren’t your ordinary wings. These wings are prepared from a marination of hot red-chili sauce, chopped chilies, red chili flakes and pepper to increase the level of spice. They define the real spicy food meaning. You may think this is it but no, the chilies used to make these wings are one of the spiciest chilies which are collected from Mexico, China, and Korea. They can make you bite your tongue with how spicy they are.

Keeping these spicy dishes aside, spices can be deemed to be very beneficial for your health as well. There are many spicy food benefits that can help you grow a healthy body. For example, they contain fiber, minerals and vitamins that are advantageous for your body.

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