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The Deliciousness of Egg Noodles

Egg noodles are a delightful staple food and were originated in China. It is known for its texture and layers of techniques that go into making these smooth and rich noodles. It is not a modern dish its history goes way back but the common factor that strikes every person is its mouthfeel and delicious recipes.

 Best egg noodles are the ones that are freshly made from scratch. It needs to be smooth with every condiment needs to be of exact proportion and that gives you a perfect flattened pasta sheet that can be cut in the form of noodles. As of now in present times there are many egg noodles recipes. It is no longer a Chinese dish every country has its flavors and ways to make the yummiest bowl of egg noodle richness. Egg noodles are different from other types of pasta such as water-flour pasta, as the name suggests it has egg in it which enriches the texture and taste of the noodles.

How to cook Chinese egg noodles?

Cooking egg noodles or making them can be a fun experience. Nowadays many brands sell egg noodles, which has made it easier for common people to try egg noodles at home. Chinese have the simplest techniques and recipes for making egg noodles. Simple ingredients and great taste are the keys to their cooking skills.


All you need to do for the Chinese egg noodles is to add flour, salt, egg to a bowl. Slightly keep on adding water to make a dough and there it is. The thing you need to keep in mind is that adding more water for assembling the dough is not a good way to make the dough because of the richness of the eggs the dough may harden but make sure it is not so hard that it won’t even be flattened. After you’ve made the dough flattened it through the pasta roller and as you get the beautiful pasta sheet make cuts in it to get it in flattened egg noodles shape.

Famous Egg noodle pasta recipes

From Chinese to Italian, there are many new variations of egg noodle recipes. The fun part about it is that you can run your imagination wild and come up with your version of the recipe.

For the Chinese egg noodle recipe, all you need is sesame oil, soy sauce, dark soy sauce, BBQ sauce, salt, and black pepper. These simple ingredients can give you an authentic taste of Chinese egg noodles. Simplicity is what drives this recipe.

For people on diet, now you can read online many healthy egg noodle recipes, which include lots of veggies and fewer sauces to give you a rich yet healthy taste for your noodles.

Egg noodles stir fry is a popular street dish across China and Japan. You can try various kinds of stir fry egg noodles, they are made fresh and served hot. Giving you the best bowl of egg noodle happiness.

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