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The legends of biryani—A tale of taste and deliciousness

Biryani is a famous South Asian cuisine with layers of flavors and deliciousness. It may look like a simple dish, but many preparations and technique go under making biryani. Biryani is truly a legendary cuisine as its history goes back into 1600s. With time many changes and variations have been brought into this dish. You can find many types of biryani flavor and each taste has its own roots. At each part of the south Asian countries, you would find a different type of biryani that has been inspired by the unique taste of that town or city.

Everyone loves biryani and rightfully so, because it is a dish that brings back the good memories of great taste. The soft kalizira or basmati rice when combined with a curry of your own choice of meat with layers of flavors combines together give you the best biryani serving. Its enchanting fragrance revives the whole place. Biryani is a cuisine that you would find on special occasions, the first dish to be served at weddings or family get togethers is biryani which gets the idea in mind that may be biryani is the national cuisine or dish of south Asian countries.

The concept of biryani and the dish itself was brought by the sub-continent Muslims but now it is liked by everyone beyond the specific region of south Asia. There are many tales that are connected to the origin of biryani. But before we dive into the exciting tales let’s talk about what biryani means. Biryani, the word has its roots from Persian language and actually comes from a word called ‘Birian’ which stands for the meaning that tells ‘fried before cooking’. Initially at the earlier stages of this cuisine, rice was fried in oil or ghee and then after frying they were used to be boiled in the water. This made the rice to have a crispier effect and the rice would not jumble or stick up together because of being fired.

There are two famous tales about the history of biryani. One of the legend states that the courtesy of Mumtaz mahal is what brought biryani into the exitance, she was the wife of shah Jahan. It is said when Mumtaz mahal visited the army barracks and saw the poor lads she thought to herself that these soldiers are malnourished and need some food that could put life into them. So, she asked the chef to prepare a well-nourished dish that includes meat and rice. Chefs ended up mixing both things combining with saffron and spices and was then on wood fire was cooked. The second tale goes by the mention of Mughals. It explains that India was given the recipe and concept of biryani through Turkish Mongolian’s conqueror. His name was Taimur. In 1398 it was found that nawabs of Lucknow and nizams of great Hyderabad both of these influential families truly enjoyed the savory taste of Biryani and its tangy feel in mouth.

Back in the days, biryani was supposed to be a luxury item that was served to the royals or elite class people only but now you can find it to be sold in local shops and even big famous restaurants. It is now enjoyed on every joyous occasion and many families make their own version of biryani according to their taste buds and enjoy its delicious flavor.

There are a number of various types of biryanis available nowadays, with their distinct flavor and mouth feel. Bombay biryani, Mughlai biryani, Afghani biryani, Hyderabadi biryani, and Bohri biryani, and pukki biryani also known as Lucknow biryani are some of the popular biryani tastes and flavors. You can also find it in different poultry or meat options such as chicken biryani, mutton biryani, fish biryani, prawn biryani and beef biryani.


You can enjoy the flavor of biryani at any time you prefer. Make your days a bit special and have a plate of biryani!

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