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The Pizzazz of Pizza


Almost every person in the world is aware of the Pizza. It is comfort food and it can be enjoyed at any given time. True Pizza lovers even want to have cold leftover Pizza for breakfast. No kids in the world would say no to a bribe as delicious and wholesome as Pizza. On the other hand, friends and family members love to get together for a slice of yummy and tasteful Pizza. Not a lot of people realize but Pizza is an invention that dates back to thousands of years. Early Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks had their own versions of flatbreads stuffed with cheese and herbs that they like to consume. However, the modern day Pizza is often attributed to a baker in Naples named Raffaele Esposito.

The Pizzas around the World

Before the invention was made the street vendors and hawkers were already selling a rough version of flatbread that was stuffed with different herbs and ingredients. Nevertheless, it took them some time to realize that there can be better changes made in the design. Rather than adding the ingredients after baking the flatbread. Chef Esposito added these ingredients while the bread was cooking.

In this manner, a whole new and exciting invention was created. Today, every country and even the smallest villages in the world have a local Pizza joint. Just like the hamburger was made popular by the fast food industry. In the same manner, Pizza was also made popular with this new regime. The spread of popular fast food companies like Pizza hut advertised heavily and made the dish reach every part of the world. The good thing about Pizza is that it is not a patent invention. Any person who knows how to cook and have an oven can bake their own pizza.

Map of the Pizza Route

There have been some very strange renditions of Pizza toppings over the years. People have added ingredients like anchovies to sun dried tomatoes and even pineapple. For many people these toppings can stir up a good argument and have the power to divide and unite food lovers all around the world. Therefore, there are those who are aware that it would be a great idea for these people to find out that what would be the best possible option for them when they went to a restaurant.

There are hundreds of Pizza recipes around the world and most of them pack a punch when for those who want to try something different. The most common Pizza toppings are cheeses and salami slices. People are also picky about mushrooms, olives, and onion toppings on their Pizza. Some also don’t like the taste of the bell paper slices that are spread around to add some crunch. The spice on the Pizza can be added with the help of jalapenos. There is also a common use of red chili flakes with salt and pepper.

Although sauces like ketchup and Chili garlic sauces are already added in most cases, there are some people who like to drench their Pizza into an ocean of these dipping. There are also many types of dips that come with Pizza to name a few are ranch sauce and BBQ sauce etc. Pizza is already a popular snack however the chefs are not experimenting on it. There are some monstrosities like Burger Pizza and deep dish pizza.


Whereas there are also some options like sweet Pizza and the cheesy crust one. No matter where a person belongs to, Pizza has the capacity to soak in the local flavors and make sure that they are able to get the best results from their options. In this manner, there are also many Pizza recipes that are made by adding some local dish components like teriyaki, fried chicken and even local vegetables. There are many sizes of Pizza and those who are not used to having a big lunch might end up with a 24 inch giant without realizing their order.

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