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Types of pickled vegetables and worthy pickled items

Aren’t we all getting a bit creative and fun in the kitchen? Pickling items or pickled vegetables taste great. They can add a very unique and zesty taste in your dishes that can satisfy your food cravings. Besides the yummy taste of spicy pickled vegetables, we can all whole-heartedly agree that pickling vegetables can be a very fun and a creative hobby. In times of lockdowns, we need something to stay productive and this hobby can really help you with staying productive and smart. Which is good for the health also.

It is difficult to get vegetables every single day, with pickled items you can ensure the lifetime of your vegetables to be increased by ten folds this is one of the best pickled vegetables benefits. You can have fun and save yourself from being worried about getting vegetables every day.

Before we start the talk about different kinds of pickled vegetable that can also be made from the comfort of your home, we must know the pickled vegetable meaning.  

What are pickled vegetables?

Pickling process is basically preserving process. It helps in increasing the shelf life of vegetables. In a solution of vinegar, salt, and water (sugar as well on some occasions) vegetables that need to be pickled are add. This changes the texture and form of the vegetable as well as its taste, but it turns into these tasty pickled vegetables, that can be enjoyed with many dishes.

Now let us discuss the different delicious variety of pickled vegetable items,

  1. Mediterranean pickled vegetables:

The classic Mediterranean cucumber pickles can even beat the pickles of America. These pickles are so smooth and medium sized which give a good crunchy bite. Smallest cucumber pickles are the best and this is the reason why Mediterranean pickles are loved by many. Other then cucumbers, you can have pickled turnips in Mediterranean style which you can use in gyros or salads and you would the sweet yet vinegary taste of the pickled turnips.

  1. Pickled vegetables Japanese:

In this pickling style you use salt, rice bran or salt brine. They are consumed with miso soup and rice to enhance its taste. Shiozuke is one of their famous pickles and the easiest to make at home. This is basic salt pickling. You can use any kind of vegetable for this be it celery, carrots, cucumbers etc. You would love its taste with different soup dishes.

  1. Pickled vegetable Chinese:

You can find Chinese pickles not only available in vegetables but fruits as well. Chinese pickled vegetables are a bit hot and spicy in taste because of the spices added to the preserving mixture of vegetables. Pao Cai, Saun Cai, Zha Cai are few of the most popular pickled types found in all of China.

Warm pickled vegetable can be made by using any Pickling technique. You can find thousands of recipes online available for this process. You should try making pickles at home, its not only fun but cost efficient.

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